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  3상 위상제어 보드는 입력된 위상각 지연신호를 측정 60°위상으로 구분된 6개의 게이트 펄스를 생성하여 3상 SCR 스텍에 공급하는 위상제어기이다.

SCR 전력제어


  • Delay angel control resolution is 0.1 degree.

  • Precision measurement of the delay angle command signal


  • Source voltage of SCR stack can be 380, 440, and 480V.

  • Line frequency range is ffrom 45 to 65Hz.

SCR Gate



  • Analog delay angle command signal (SIG_HI)Users may choose a variety of DC control signal ranges including 0-5V, 0-10V, 4- 20mA, or custom ranges.

  • Soft-Start and Soft-Stop : Upon Soft-start, SCR firing is enabled and the delay angle command ramps from the maximum value to the set point value determined by the SIG_HI command signal. Upon Soft-stop, the delay angle ramps from the set point value to the maximum value after which SCR firing is inhibited.

  • Phase Loss Inhibit : A phase loss circuit instantly inhibits SCR firing if a loss of one or more phases or gross phase imbalance is sensed on the AC line. Firing will soft-start when such fault is cleared.

  • Instant enable and Inhibit: A contact closure(relay, switch, transistor) instantly enables or inhibit SCR firing at the delay angle commensurate with the SIG_HI command Signal.

  • Frequency tracking system : This board has automatic frequency detection circuit. When line frequency had changed, the detection circuit will change internal firing phase.

  • Phase sequence insensitivity : SCR gating is unaffected by main voltage phase sequence.

380V Control Waveform


  정류기, 배터리 충전기, DC드라이브, UPS 시스템, 전기 히터 그리고 조광기 등에 응용이 가능하다.



  • Non-Isolated Signal


  • Isolated Signal


  • Isolated Signal with Snubber

  • ​전류 감지, 방전회로 내장

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